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Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: Does Juan Pablo Pick the Season 18 ...

The Bachelor is a strange little world, filled with every slice of gal you could find in the United States. Represented are the party girls, intellectuals,...
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Chris Soules, Makeout King, Gets Down and Dirty With The Bachelor Girls

Us Magazine: Chris Soules may be dubbed "Prince Farming," but he holds an even higher title as the Makeout King of The Bachelor. The star of the 19th season of ABC's reality dating competition has gotten his mack on with a noticeably high percentage of contestants ...

'Bachelor' recap: Women tell all

Finally, Ashley S., she who talks to cats and picks pomegranates with the awe of a 2-year-old, reminded everyone why she was "the crazy one" during a mostly unintelligible interview with "Bachelor" host Chris Harrison.

DailyDish: The 3 things you missed on 'Bachelor: Women Tell All' special

USA TODAY: One of the perks of being a celebrity journalist is having access to people, places and events that most people do not. You know, super-important things like being invited to the set of the Women Tell All special for this season's Bachelor. Yes, we ...

The Bachelor's Kelsey Calls Ashley I. a Mean Girl for Black Widow Comment

"They were detached from recognizing me as a person," she tells PEOPLE

"The Bachelor": "The Women Tell All" superlatives

ETonline crowns six lucky contestants with their very own "Bachelor" season superlatives

'Bachelor 2015: The Women Tell All' Best Moments

On the penultimate "Bachelor" episode, the female contestants who had already been eliminated faced off against the season's star, Chris Soules, and of course, each other. On Monday night, most of the episode was focused on Britt and Kelsey, and there were plenty of explosive moments. I think I should stay." Carly pointed out that she "called out" Britt several times and listed off a few times ...

'The Following' Ratings Return Down, 'The Bachelor' & 'The Voice' Steady As It was one of those mixed nights on primetime Monday with a debut, a near end, repeats and a rising original or two. The debut was the Season 3 premiere of The Following (1.6/4) at 9 PM after Gotham (2.0/6), with the near end being ABC's The Bachelor ...

The Bachelor's Chris Soules Is Team Kaitlyn for the Next Bachelorette

People Magazine: The reigning Bachelor does admit that he's made some mistakes, though, and he revealed what he thought went wrong between him, Kaitlyn, Jade and Britt. He also discussed why he kissed so many girls and why Kaitlyn would make a "great" Bachelorette.




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The Bachelor 2015 Spoilers: Who Won Chris Soules Season 19, Cheating On

The Bachelor 2015 spoilers look at the truth about who won Season 19 and is now Chris Soules' fiancee – is Reality Steve wrong or right? Season 19 Bachelor spoilers tease that the finale will air on ABC on Monday March 9, and Chris Soules will give his ...

The Bachelor 2015 Spoilers Season 19 'Women Tell All' Episode: Kaitlyn

The Bachelor 2015 spoilers “Women Tell All” episode is coming up and we explore what viewers can expect to see from Chris Soules and the rejected bachelorettes. Season 19 Bachelor spoilers tease that the always entertaining “Women Tell All” special ...

'The Bachelor' 2015 Spoilers: Who Won Chris Soules Season 19 Whitney

The Bachelor 2015 spoilers question who won Season 19 and is now Chris Soules' fiancee. The Bachelor spoilers leaked that final rose winner was Whitney Bischoff, courtesy of Reality Steve, months ago, but some question if Becca Tilley wins. The ...

The Bachelor 2015 Spoilers: Chris Soules Cheating With Sheena Schreck on

The Bachelor 2015 spoilers expose an inconvenient reality about Chris Soules and his ex-fiancee Sheena Shreck with implications for the Season 19 winner. Now that we are down to the final two, Whitney Bischoff and Becca Tilley, we know one of them is ...

The Bachelor 2015 Spoilers Fantasy Suite Dates – Chris Soules

The Bachelor 2015 spoilers expose Chris Soules Fantasy Suite Dates with Becca Tilley, Whitney Bischoff, Kaitlyn Bristowe – looks like Farmer Chris slept with all 3 finalists! Season 19 The Bachelor Chris Soules has had ...

The Bachelor 2015 Spoilers Chris Soules Promo Video - Prince

The Bachelor's 2015 season is approaching, which means that we're about to get bombarded with sexy Prince Farming a.k.a. Chris Soules. Chris Soules is the newest Bachelor, as most of you already know. For those who ...

The Bachelor 2015 Spoilers Chris Soules Picks [Spoiler

Season 19 of The Bachelor starring Andi Dorfman's castaway Chris Soules is set to air on January 5th 2015, but Bachelor spoilers are already rolling in.


The Bachelor's Britt: 'I Cried Every Day' After I Was Sent Home

People Magazine: While the Women Tell All special was emotional for all parties, no ousted Bachelor contestant was more affected by the proceedings than Britt. Given that she essentially got herself kicked off the show by revealing her hurt over Chris giving a group ...

TV highlights: Chris gets grilled on 'The Bachelor's' Women Tell All special

Washington Post: (All times Eastern). For some fans of “The Bachelor” (ABC at 8 p.m.), it's the best night of the year — the Women Tell All special, when Bachelor Chris is finally confronted by his misdeeds and the bachelorettes he rejected, some of whom he left ...

The Bachelor's Chris Soules Explains During The Women Tell All Special How

OK! Magazine: When Kaitlyn was left standing without a rose in her hand Chris told her, “This has been the most excruciating week of my life. I'm following my heart.” But The Bachelor star gave a different (and shocking!) explanation during The Women Tell All special!

6 Things To Expect From The Bachelor's Women Tell All Special

OK! Magazine: This season of The Bachelor with Chris Soules may have been drama-packed, but nothing compares to The Women Tell All special! From the women attacking Britt to Carly getting into a fight with Jillian, get a sneak peek of Monday's jaw-dropping episode!

'The Bachelor' recap - The Women Tell All Special

The Bachelor 's "Women Tell All" special was crazy in many different ways. Chris Harrison talked to Kelsey and Britt. read more

The Bachelor Recap: Women Tell All

Last week on The Bachelor, Chris Soules said goodbye to Kaitlyn Bristowe after the overnight dates, but before the season continues, Chris Soules needed to get grilled by the women of his season. Just how did the ladies react to seeing Chris (and each other) again? Tonight was the always entertaining Women Tell All special […]

Bachelor Buzz! One Woman Breaks Down On Women Tell All

Tonight is the highly anticipated Women Tell All special on The Bachelor, before we get to the final rose ceremony next week. We already heard some teasers from host Chris Harrison, but now, rumor has it that one of the ladies breaks down on the show! Who is it? Hopefully, it is not the black […]


The Bachelor Women Tell All Recap: Kaitlyn Confronts Chris Soules, Britt

Us Magazine: Ah, our favorite night of every Bachelor season — the Women Tell All. The claws are out and the tears are flowing as Chris Soules' season 19 castoffs get real in front of Chris Harrison and a studio audience. In what Harrison calls the “most shocking ...

'Bachelor Women Tell All': Will Ashley Salter Steal The Show? Chris Harrison

The Inquisitr: Monday night, Bachelor fans will be treated to an annual tradition: the “Women Tell All” special, when the contestants offer one last dose of drama before the season finale. This year's Bachelor was populated with a host of crazy characters, including ...


Whitney Bischoff Won't Marry 'Bachelor' Chris Soules Says Reality Steve

The Inquisitr: Bachelor Chris Soules is rumored to pick Whitney Bischoff on the season finale of ABC's popular reality show. However, the romantic proposal may not have a happy ending for the fertility nurse from Chicago and the farmer from the tiny town of Arlington ...

Kris Jenner Predicts Bachelor Chris Soules Is Going to Pick the "Non-Virgin''—and Would Kris Ever Go on the Show?!

As a twice-married mother of six, Kris Jenner knows a thing or two about love and relationships—and she knows that drama comes with the program sometimes. So of course she's...


Would Kris Jenner Go on The Bachelor? She Says

Wetpaint: Although The Bachelor is known for churning out reality stars all of it's own, there's a certain reality star who's kinda interested in going on the show herself — not as a contestant, but as an advisor to the contestants. Who is she? If you guessed ...

Trista Sutter Worries That The Bachelor And Bachelorette Contestants Are More Is it still possible to find true love on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette? Or are the current contestants merely eager to steal the spotlight? Sean and Catherine Lowe's story indicates that a genuine relationship can still be formed on these shows ...

Bring On The Bachelor Drama! One Of Chris Soules' Ladies Has A

It's our favorite time of the year, folks. No, I'm talking about the holidays, but it's time to gear up for another fun filled season of The Bachelor , starring farmer Chris Soules, which also means time for some Bachelor dirt! Now, just ...

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